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A modern bookkeeping firm designed to relieve you from the burden of bookkeeping, so you can elevate your biz to the next level, without going next-level crazy.

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Get More Done

Check bookkeeping off your to-do list. Because let’s be real: you have way better things to do than reconcile your bank accounts (like, you know, write killer content, record your next podcast, and rock out on Facebook Live).


Make More money 

Ready to make big money? Hire a pro so you can better understand your financial position.  Start making the big decisions you need to make to take your small business to the big leagues with total confidence.


Relieve the guilt

Put an end to the bad biz guilt. No more procrastinating with the things you hate to do. Stop staying up at night worrying about #allthethings. Because you didn't become an entrepreneur to classify your receipts. 


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doesn't mean you should


What if you could stop feeling overwhelmed, guilty and up-all-night anxious over the things you need to get done.  You know the saying:  Stop working in your business and start working on your business.  

Listen, you’re doing a lot – and I love ya for it! – but you're not sure you’re doing it right.

It’s all becoming too much and you're starting to dread being a business owner.

Say bye, bye, bye to the burden of your bookkeeping.


Accounting software setup – Need set up on QuickBooks Online for the first time, or switch you over from your previous provider

Monthly bookkeeping – Every month all your financial transactions are classified and reconciled to the bank statements 

QBO Monthly Subscription Fee – Yep, this fee is on me, every single month!

Three monthly customized financial statements – including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows

Monthly activity report – You’ll get a “highlights reel” including key metrics to help measure business growth (which I will ALWAYS explain to you, in detail)

60-minute monthly call to review financial performance and discuss strategy – This isn't your ordinary bookkeeping service, Every month or quarter, we’ll hop on the line for ongoing financial consulting/coaching. This 60-minute virtual session is where I’ll break down and give advice on your financial statements, work with you to set and stick to a budget, measure your progress against industry metrics, come up with a growth strategy and whatever else we decide your unique business needs to thrive financially. (If you're an introvert and prefer a written Q+A, I get ya!)

Unlimited email support between sessions so you can get your questions answered, and concerns quelled. 

Quarterly and annual reporting to your CPA to aid in tax preparation – When first quarter rolls around, you won’t have to do a thing. Yep – you can literally just tell your CPA to call me for the details. It’ll all be handled for you as I act as a liaison between you and your CPA at tax time.


I offer my clients a customized package based on their needs and budget.  Click the get started button below, complete a quick survey, and let's have a chat to see how I can serve you and your business.




+ Do you charge an hourly rate?

No, because I believe the ability to forecast your costs is critical to running your biz. A flat monthly fee makes it easy. You'll know exactly what your monthly cost is. No surprises, no gimmicks. Because surprises are for birthdays, not bookkeeping.

+ If I hire you as my bookkeeper, do you have any certifications or credentials?

Why yes - I do. I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage in Accounting. (Yep, Alaska - I was born there.) I held a CPA from the state of North Carolina for 8 years. I'm a Certified Quickbooks Online Professional. I'm an AICB qualified bookkeeper with the ICBUSA (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers). But more important than all that paper, is that I'm real-world certified. I've worked in finance in one capacity (including bookkeeping) or another for over two decades. Plus I've owned two online businesses. So I get you (and your numbers).

+ What if I'm just starting my business and the fee is too high?

I get that. And truth-be-told, if you're a biz baby with a bootstrap budget, hiring a bookkeeper may not the best use of your start-up dollars. Let's chat and figure out what I can do to help you create time for a minimal investment and then we'll level up from there as you continue to grow.

+ I'm way behind on my bookkeeping. Can you help me get caught up?

Yes, I can. Let's chat to figure out the best path forward to get you up to date, pronto.

+ Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope, only a 30-day notice is required.